Sanatorium Dolina Narzanov

Railway station pl, 1a, Essentuki, Stavropol region, 357600

About sanatorium

Essentuki is a unique drinking and balneological resort with a continental mild climate and rich flora and fauna.

The sanatorium is located in the center of Yessentuki, next to the picturesque resort park (50m), where the famous water sources "Essentuki" are located. The sanatorium occupies 1.04 hectares. The year of foundation of the sanatorium is 2000. Reconstruction of the sanatorium - 2016.

The sanatorium "Valley of Narzanov" was awarded the highest category, which corresponds to a 4-star hotel. The sanatorium "Dolina Narzanov" is equipped with modern household and medical equipment, central air conditioning system).

Heated corridors connect main five-story building to the three-story medical and diagnostic center, dining room fnd swimming pool. "Dolina Narzanov" resort is designed for simultaneous reception of 98 people. In the sanatorium there are 33 double one-room numbers of the category "Standard", 6 double one-room suites of the category "Comfort", 6 double two-room suites of the "Lux" category, 1 double one-room room of the category "Apartment", 1 double two-room suite of the category "Suite". Adults and parents with children are accepted in the sanatorium (from the age of 4 there are discounts for children).

The mineral springs and curative muds turned Yessentuki ito a world-renowned health resort.

Everything at Dolina Narzanov Yessentuki is aimed at improving your health and well-being: mineral springs close by, properly designed nutrition plans and the outstanding the medical services.

The resort is an essential part of the urban landscape of Yessentuki, which was founded in the 19th century. But underneath the old-world allure of marble walls, spacious terraces, elegant staircases and bas-reliefs lies a modern infrastructure: centralized air conditioning system, well-furnished rooms with household appliances, extensive Wi-Fi coverage.

We specialize in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, metabolic disorders and locomotive system diseases.

Regular consumption of the natural mineral water helps with weight loss and restore natural insulin generation. The medical professionals of Dolina Narzanov Yessentuki can also help you with the treatment of various respiratory, urological and gynecological issues.